VIP United FC is your hometown soccer club -- you don't need to drive to the beach or the 'burg for your child to enhance their skills and play soccer at a higher level. We train some of the Peninsula's best players, right here in your own backyard.

VIP also offers a recreational soccer program for younger boys and girls in order to introduce them to the game, enhance their skills, and ensure they have fun in the process. We differ from other rec programs by offering training sessions by professional coaches. Additionally, your child's coach isn't going to be a parent who has never played the game before, who was talked into coaching because the position had not been filled.

VIP has always been conscious of the fact that our families have other responsibilities and expenses beyond soccer, and we focus on keeping our programs affordable. When comparing clubs, VIP will stand out as the best value for your money, regardless of location.

VIP offers three programs for our players.  Two are for children and teens, one is for adults: